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Meet the Officers

Our Officers

Officers are voted on each year in late November/early December. They serve a full year (Spring, Summer and Fall semesters) from January until December when it is time for elections again. We want our members to feel that we are approachable and friendly. We love to hear from our members and talk to them. If you are curious to learn more about our current officers, scroll down below to read about each person.

Our Office Hours

During our office hours, at least one officer will be in the office, able to take payments for events, register new members, and and answer any questions you might have.  To find the full schedule, click on the link below.

Office Hours

President: Annalise Sigona

Annalise is a fourth-year marketing major with a minor in psychology. She was born in New York and raised in Brandon, Florida - a city just outside of Tampa. During her first semester at UCF, she served on the Honors Congress Fundraising Committee, prior to being elected as the Director of Fundraising for 2014. She then served as the Director of Recruitment and Membership for 2015, and fulfilled Vice President responsibilities for the fall semester. When not studying or attending HonCon events, you can catch her working as a Lab Monitor in the honors computer lab! Annalise also enjoys being a member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services-UCF and is looking forward to serving as the Director of Community Service for the 2016-2017 year. In her spare time, she loves to read and DIY, and has a passion for travel and volunteering. Some of her favorite things also include watching Disney movies and unhealthily obsessing over her favorite shows. Annalise is excited to serve as the President of Honors Congress for 2016!






Vice President: Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry is a third-year Nursing major with a minor in Psychology. He plans on becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the future. His previous position with Honors Congress was Director of Special Events. Born and raised in West Palm Beach Florida, he successfully achieved Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and Phlebotomist status. His first semester experience in Honors Congress consisted of participating in the 2014 Honors Congress Homecoming Skit, making a great start to his UCF experience. His favorite activities include beatboxing, playing video games, listening to musicals, and watching his favorite shows. Matthew is excited to have a great year with everyone!




Treasurer: Katie Tutt

Katie Tutt is a fourth year student majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Spanish. Her father was a pilot in the Air Force and because of this she was fortunate to grow up in and experience many wonderful cities, states, and countries; currently, however, she calls Gulf Breeze, FL home. She served on the Honors Congress Academic Committee and as the Director of Academic Affairs prior to being elected Treasurer and is grateful to continue her involvement with Honors Congress. Outside of her participation in Honors Congress she spends her time volunteering with Shepherd’s Hope, mentoring as a Biomedical Sciences Peer Mentor, and volunteering in a Biomedical Lab with the PURE program. In the future she hopes to attend Medical School and later work as a doctor (though she is not sure what specialty yet). In her spare time she enjoys reading, painting, baking, watching movies, listening to music, and getting coffee with friends. She is excited to be serving as Treasurer for 2016!




Secretary: Heidi Waite

Heidi Waite is a fourth year student majoring in Biology. She is originally from Washington State (near Seattle), but has lived in Naples, FL most of her life. She was part of the Honors Congress Historian Committee for 3 semesters, a distinguished member multiple times and the Historian during 2015. Her passion for marine wildlife and ecology has led her to participate in undergraduate research focused on shoreline restoration and conservation. Heidi is a McNair Scholar and currently working in the Coastal Estuarine and Ecology Laboratory under the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Walters. She spent last summer at Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC studying larval release of a subtital mud crab. Heidi is also involved in other clubs such as Habitat for Humanity and Green HEROS. In her spare time she loves to read, kayak, play volleyball and watch The Flash! She is very excited to serve as the Honors Congress Secretary for 2016!





Recruitment and Membership: Emily Carson

Emily Carson is a third year student double-majoring in International Relations and Social Sciences. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, she has had the opportunity to live in many places around the world, including China and Thailand, before ending up in Lakeland, Florida for high school. She loves traveling, and when she graduates she hopes to work for an International Organization dealing with human rights issues. Since coming to UCF, she has been very involved in the Honors College, serving on the Academic Committee for Honors Congress for several semesters, interning for Honors Educational Reach Out, and working as a 2015 Team Leader. In addition, Emily works in the Honors Computer Lab, and is involved in several other international relations organizations on campus. She is very excited to be serving as the 2016 Director of Recruitment and Membership!




Academic Affairs: Lauren Schmidt

Lauren is a second year Environmental Engineering major with a minor in Chemistry. She was born and raised in Orlando, FL and has been dancing at her local dance studio for the past 15 years. She immediately found the Honors Congress family very welcoming and loves to attend as many events as possible. She currently serves as a 2016 Honors Peer Ambassador and is an active member of SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and SEE (Society of Environmental Engineers). In the future, she hopes to work in the field of ecology, focusing on sustainability in order to keep our environment beautiful. In her free time, Lauren enjoys cooking, crafting, and watching TV comedies. She loves ice cream, being outside, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.






Social Affairs: Olivia Bashton

Olivia is an Elementary Education major with a minor in Social Science Education. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but now calls New Port Richey, FL her home. She loves to volunteer with children in her spare time at Carillon Elementary School and through the organization, “Children Within Our Borders”. Other than that, she loves to run, play beach volleyball, tennis and soccer as the ultimate stress reliever. She loves to travel around the world, and will take any opportunity to go on a road trip. She is planning on serving in the Peace Corps after graduation, and then she will pursue a teaching career. Olivia is super excited to have the opportunity to be a Director for Honors Congress, and cannot wait to get to know each one of you better! 




Volunteer Affairs: Erica Castaneda

Erica is a third year student majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology. Her goal is to go to veterinary school and continue her education further to become a veterinary surgeon. She was part of the Honors Congress Volunteer Committee for a year and a half, and enjoys being involved on campus and in the community. She also works as a resident assistant on campus and as a kennel technician at a local animal hospital. In her free time, she enjoys going shopping, watching movies, and hanging out with her family and her dogs.






Housing Affairs: Ariel Perry-Mills

Ariel is a second-year student majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Hailing from Palm Harbor, Florida, Ariel got involved in Honors Congress during her first semester by serving on Academic Committee before becoming Director of Housing Affairs for 2016. She is obsessed with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and lives for the written word. If she isn’t currently listening to music, she has a song on semi permanent repeat in her head. A Burnett Medical Scholar and LEAD Scholar, she plans on pursuing a medical degree and ultimately practicing neurology. She looks forward to seeing all of you in Tower 3!





Fundraising: Danielle Dickey

Danielle Dickey is a second-year History and Women’s Studies major from Fort Myers, Florida. Outside of Honors Congress, Danielle serves as the Global Awareness Director for She’s the First, an organization that sponsors scholarships for girls in low income countries. This past summer, Danielle traveled to South Africa with the UCF Honors Abroad program to help initiate sustainability projects at the Nkosinathi Primary School of Intabazwe and the Nambiti Game Reserve. She would like to pursue a career working towards gender equality on a global scale. During her free time, she likes to play ukulele, write songs, talk to dogs, and read. She is so excited to start fundraising!





Publications: Danielle Carrasco

Danielle is a fourth year student majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Linguistics with a TEFL certificate. She's originally from Tampa, Florida (just across I4) and has lived there all her life. She served as a member on the Publications Committee for the 2014 year before become Director in 2015, making this her second year as Director. She's worked with digital art and design since high school, and loves to draw, design, and start intense sewing projects that take up far too much of her free time. She enjoys being a part of HonCon and tries to help out anyone in need where possible! She loves chai lattes, watching X-Files, and playing Overwatch in her spare time.





Historian: Megan Tedlie

Megan Tedlie is a second year student at UCF studying Biology. She hopes her post-graduation career path will be a little clearer in 2016. Growing up, Megan lived in Colorado, New York, Texas, Florida, Indonesia, and Kuwait, and she hopes to continue traveling and exploring the world throughout her life. She has served on the Historian Committee for two semesters and is looking forward to being Chief Historian for two more great semesters. In her free time, Megan volunteers with the American Chemical Society or can be found reading great American novels, re-watching Friends, or spending inordinate amounts of money at Starbucks.






Special Events: Amanda Carmichael

Amanda Carmichael is a third year student majoring in Biology with minors in Medical Anthropology and Chemistry. She is a military brat who has lived all over the world in places such as England, Japan, and even North Dakota. She currently calls Navarre, Florida home. She served on the Honors Congress Homecoming Committee prior to being elected Director of Special Events. Her other on-campus participation includes Pet Rescue by Judy and the American Chemical Society. She is still undecided on her future career goals, but sure of her love for science. She is a black belt, loves cats, and loves movies. She is super stoked to serve as the Director of Special Events for 2016!






Philanthropy: Rebekah Fitzpatrick

Rebekah is a junior biomedical sciences major who is minoring in writing and rhetoric. She has been involved with the Honors Congress since freshman year, having spent a semester on both the athletic and fundraising committees. On campus she is involved as a peer mentor for the Biomedical Sciences College and as a participant in a research lab searching to understand the protein Omi’s relation to cell apoptosis. In her free time, Rebekah enjoys writing, playing basketball, drawing, and defeating videogame bosses. She works for FBVA, a non-profit organization geared towards teaching children how to play basketball. Rebekah is very excited to be a member of the Honors Congress team and looks forward to serving as head of the philanthropy committee!